• We’ll have a team of around a dozen reviewers working in Edinburgh this August.  We expect to cover about 200 shows.
  • We like to sample a broad range of what the Fringe has to offer.  In the past we’ve reviewed the National Theatre, student companies, and everything in between.
  • Our focus is on reviews and editorial recommendations.  We don’t generally publish interviews or extended preview pieces.
  • The best way to tell us about your show is by emailing us your press release.  You can reach us on edinburgh2018@fringeguru.com.

We'd love to hear from you.

We at Fringe Guru are a small team of Fringe enthusiasts - with years of experience reviewing the arts in Edinburgh, Brighton and beyond.  We enjoy hearing about exciting new work, and we hope you'll take a moment to tell us about yours.

Send us your press release

The very best way to tell us about your show in Edinburgh is by emailing us your press release.  To make sure it gets to the right people, please send it to edinburgh2018@fringeguru.com.

We'll email you back within 24 hours, to confirm we've received your press release and to ask for a little more information.  Look out for that email - we're much more likely to cover your show if you respond to it.

If you've already received our confirmation email, then your press release is safe in our system and there's no need to send it again.  We have a lot of press releases to get through at this time of year, but we promise that we'll read every single one of them by the start of the Fringe.  Re-sending the same press release simply adds to our workload and doesn't increase the chance we'll cover your show.

Don't have a press release?  Don't panic.  Our colleagues at Broadway Baby have put together a detailed briefing - and while it's obviously focused on their own requirements, it's excellent general advice which will stand you in good stead with pretty much everyone.

What to expect

Before the Fringe:  We don't generally publish interviews or lengthy preview pieces.  We do publish editorial selections, but these are mostly based on our experience at previous festivals, so if we've never reviewed your work before it's unlikely that we'll choose your show for preview coverage.  Unlikely, but not impossible!

During the Fringe:  There's every possibility that we'll send a reviewer.  We'll be working in Edinburgh for the whole of the Fringe and we only fix our schedule a few days in advance, so it's never too late to get in touch with us.

All our reviews are published on this website, and we try hard to get them out within 72 hours.

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