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Three huge, blank screens, primed with enormous sheets of paper, and the music of Sang Guon Seo on the melodian – these are the things that greet you as you enter for this unique show. This is no ordinary faery story: painting, music and physical theatre will tell far more of this tale than words ever could.

Desperate for a little brother, Dae-Sung sets off on an adventure to meet the three faeries, accompanied at times by mum, dad, grandma and a pig.  They travel over hills, through woods, and finally to the Temple; up ingenious steps and past mischievous trees.  What makes this show special is that the actors create the backdrop to their adventures as they go, in a way that's both very funny and oh-so cleverly done.

The opening scene, consisting of a children's song and some simple artwork, seems rather strange at first - but it introduces the style of the piece, combining painting with physical comedy, action and the most delightful little details.  It warms the audience up brilliantly and, as the song reappears later on, serves to give you its meaning without requiring a translation.

It's an example of how well-thought-out this piece is. A lot of work has gone into ensuring that the actors work together seamlessly to produce the artwork.  It is captivating; you watch, wondering just what the brush strokes will become, while also laughing as they fight, tumble about and play.  What I particularly enjoyed was that the paper, when it was finished with, was never simply torn off: even the scenery changes were done with style and humour.

Personally I found the switches between Korean and English, between listening for tone and listening for meaning, quite difficult.  However, they chose well what needed to be translated, and the fact it's not too reliant on words means that parents don't need too feel bad when their children shriek in delight.

This is a charming show, full of physical comedy and delightful paintings the whole family will enjoy.  The characters are endearing, especially the mischievous faeries in their leafy hats and Minkyu Kong's distractible pig, and the whole cast make the scenery truly comes alive. This light hearted piece will give both young and old a little joy.