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Tales of the devil - warnings to the unwise – they’ve been with us for millennia.  This show takes all that, wraps it in an engaging modern story and sprinkles a large helping of humour on top.

When Tim, our storyteller, meets the devil in his local supermarket, he makes the heroic decision to kidnap the serpent and keep it warm on top of his home brew.  It’s an unusual start to a very unusual adventure which provides the backdrop for this collection of tales.

The storytelling is fluent, fun and fascinating, and you'll find yourself drawn in by the suavely dressed Tim.  The tales are sometimes more serious, sometimes surprising and often irreverent, but all are superbly well told and so smoothly threaded together.

The venue could benefit from a sign or two, and as the show progresses the latecomers and rising noise from the bar spill in. But this is the free fringe after all, and to his great credit Tim deals with it very well.

The whole show is elegantly done: there’s one overarching story with many more woven into it, from old folk tales to modern times.  I really enjoyed the overall style, but I felt that it would have benefitted from slightly longer pauses between parts.  Rushing from the often-sombre end of one tale back into the very jovial main story both reduced the impact of the shorter tale and confused the main story, as you struggled to come back into the narrative.

This is a funny, cleverly-done show that is very much worth seeing: one that will delight, amuse and surprise you by turns.  It’s a highly entertaining hour with a top-rate storyteller.  If you enjoy tales of supernatural trickery and having a good laugh, this show will suit you perfectly. Be warned though: it might just give you some food for thought.