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Little Boy Theatre

1 star

I decided to watch Little Boy for two reasons. One, I find the Japanese culture fascinating, aided by my experience reading Murakami and Ozeki. And two, it was shortlisted for the Asian Arts Award last year. Seemed compelling reasons enough.

However, Yuuya Ishizone’s solo show is a total let-down. The script has clearly been translated from Japanese, but badly. Ishizone’s English isn’t great and he has a very strong accent, which makes most of the monologue incomprehensible.

Review by Udita Banerjee published on Sunday 20 August | Read more

Matt Forde: A Show Hastily Rewritten in Light of Recent Events – Again! Comedy

3 stars

This is a difficult year for political comedians at the Fringe. Global politics has been so catastrophically bizarre in recent years that most of us are sick to death of the big news stories, and it’s a real challenge for comedians not to repeat the jokes being cracked in every venue in the city. The two fundamental truths of this year’s Fringe seem to be that Donald Trump is a moronic cartoon, and we’re all a bit confused about Brexit – and I was really hoping that Matt Forde might bring a gust of fresh air with a show focused on ‘recent events’.

Review by Elsa Maishman published on Sunday 20 August | Read more

Doctor Faustus Musicals & Opera

4 stars

Doctor Faustus is a new rock musical from Tiger House Theatre based on Christopher Marlowe’s work of the same name. The original play has been heavily adapted, but with a clever script and stunning vocals, it really does work. The show is funny and uplifting, but also desperately, heart-achingly human.

In this modern twist, Dr Emma Faustus works in a pharmaceutical company, and is obsessed with finding a cure for the little-known Valdes’ disease. We soon learn that she is pushed not by her own selfish ambition but by the personal tragedy of her past.

Review by Elsa Maishman published on Sunday 20 August | Read more

Mother's Ruin: A Cabaret about Gin

5 stars

Whether or not you like the drink, Mother's Ruin: A Cabaret About Gin will send you away singing "I've Drunk Every Gin" with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Jumping on the bandwagon of the spirit's resurgence in recent years, the creators have put together a brilliant foot-stomping musical celebration. The bar is high, as there's a great deal of gin-themed entertainment and events on offer year-round – but as the packed theatre confirmed, this popularity brings demand as well as ubiquity.

Review by Tamarin Fountain published on Sunday 20 August | Read more

Bubble Show for Adults Only

4 stars

A somewhat mind-boggling mixture of genres, this is a show best described as mime and burlesque with added bubbles. There's twerking, stilettos and a woman dressed up like a sexy Harry Potter – all of which makes for a show that's not for the faint-hearted. Even so, this was a thoroughly enjoyable hour that could only happen at the Edinburgh Fringe. Happily (or unhappily) there's even some audience participation.

Review by Jane Bristow published on Sunday 20 August | Read more

Adventurers Wanted: A 250-Hour Epic Tabletop Roleplaying Game Theatre

3 stars

Adventurers Wanted: A 250-Hour Epic Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a Fringe-long story, created through a roleplaying game. Running for 10 hours a day with a changing cast of players, it's an opportunity to witness a different style of collaborative storytelling.

Review by Caroline Cawley published on Sunday 20 August | Read more

Curse of Cranholme Abbey Theatre

4 stars

With its lingering shadows and creaking doors, Cranholme Abbey has many secrets to hide. A young group of friends accompany Charlie, who has newly inherited the Abbey, and it’s not long until they realise this house has a history – and a curse. Pleasance Theatre’s youth company, Young Pleasance, brings a splendid and haunting story to the stage.

Review by Abi Love published on Sunday 20 August | Read more

Busu and the Damask Drum Theatre

3 stars

A burst of energy and culture tumbles onto stage, in two stories of comedy and tragedy from Japanese theatre group Busu Theatre. They present a modern adaptation of Busu and The Damask Drum, a two-part work by Yukio Mishima. Where Busu asks us to leave behind any maturity we may have, The Damask Drum is similarly irreverent, but tells a ghost story of an old gardener.

Review by Abi Love published on Saturday 19 August | Read more

Escape for Dummies Comedy

5 stars

The first joke's in the title. It's literally dummies who are escaping here: a pair of shop mannequins who come to life when no-one's looking, and dream of a world beyond the department store, travelling the roads of Europe. It's an enticing hook for a fizzy, polished, uplifting comedy, which packs in plenty of high-tempo antics but tells a surprisingly thoughtful story, too.

Review by Richard Stamp published on Saturday 19 August | Read more

Tom Crosbie: You Can't Polish a Nerd Comedy

5 stars

What happens when a nerd puts on a show? Well, there are facts and figures, amazing feats of the mind, and plenty of laughs – though he does warn you that there is only one actual joke. The opening video of "his phone", switching between texting his mum, checking the timer and composing the perfect pre-show tweet is an excellent warm-up, leading into a rather geeky, marvellously skilful and incredibly funny hour.

Review by Lizzie Bell published on Saturday 19 August | Read more