All bets are off in this frenzied display of sibling rivalry, as real-life sisters Marina and Maddy Bye pit their metaphysical selves against each other for the audience's entertainment. The sisters stretch their relationship and comic timings to breaking point in a show peppered with unexpected dark turns, and weave a path of comedic self-destruction that hangs their proverbial dirty laundry out to dry.

Through a mash of bizarre and familiar sketch formatting, the sisters try to hold a show together without letting any off-stage conflict get the better of them. And that's what's most enjoyable about this show. It's not your typical sketch show. Sure, the classic components of the double-act are apparent at times – but there is also a more natural, less contrived dynamic that must come from the Byes spending so much time together.

Family values are cast aside as “classically-trained actor” (although she barely mentions it!) Marina attempts to gain exposure through a smorgasbord of skits designed to showcase her versatility. In doing so, she hogs the limelight - but Maddy, a disgruntled clown college graduate, makes it known that she is there too. As the designated fool in this intrepid duo, she is determined to play a part, even (or maybe especially) if it means sabotaging the show and upstaging her sister.

One minute a silly sketch is bobbing along nicely and all of a sudden Maddy jumps in, slams the brakes, and injects some real darkness. It's something they could experiment with more.

In Acting Out we witness a full range of sisterly relationships, including both sincere knowing laughs and full-on back-stabbing and one-upmanship. The on-stage chemistry is part of the appeal with these two loveable clowns, from trying to hold off laughing at each other's ridiculousness ,down to rough-handedly changing one another's costumes. There were some beautifully crude moments of self-inflicted sabotage and chaos – which it would be nice to see more of – and I'm sure there is plenty more to come from these two as they push their ideas and their relationship further.