• Fringe Guru is joining forces with The Wee Review for this year's Edinburgh Fringe.
  • Together, we'll have a team of over 50 reviewers, covering the full range of Fringe genres.
  • We'll retain our emphasis on supporting small-scale productions and publishing quality reviews.
  • All our reviews and features will be published on The Wee Review's website.
  • The best way to get in touch with us is to send your press release to edinburgh2019@fringeguru.com.
  • If you sent a press release before we announced the merger, don't worry, there's no need to send it again.

Fringe Guru is joining forces with The Wee Review in Edinburgh this year. And if you’re bringing a show to the Edinburgh Fringe, that's good news for you! By working together, The Wee Review and Fringe Guru can pool our efforts on admin, making more time to see and write about the shows we love.

You don't have to do anything differently as a result of this change, but we realise the news may prompt a few questions.  So, if you're bringing a show to the Edinburgh Fringe this year, here's what Fringe Guru's merger with The Wee Review means for you.

If you’ve already sent us your press release

If you’ve sent a press release to either The Wee Review or Fringe Guru, then it’s safe in our combined system. If you’ve sent it to everyone on the Edinburgh Fringe media list, then that also means we have it on file.

Within the next few days, we’ll be replying to everyone who sent us a press release to ask them to fill in a few more details online. Keep an eye out for that email. The information we ask for really helps us when it comes to arranging our reviewing schedule, so we're much more likely to cover your show if you respond.

If you haven't sent us a press release yet

If you haven't yet been in touch with either The Wee Review or Fringe Guru, then the very best way to tell us about your show in Edinburgh is by emailing us your press release.  To make sure it gets to the right people, please send it to  edinburgh2019@fringeguru.com .

We'll email you back within the next few days, to confirm we've received your press release and to ask for a little more information.  Look out for that email - we're much more likely to cover your show if you respond to it.

If you've already received our confirmation email, then your press release is safe in our system and there's no need to send it again.  We have a lot of press releases to get through at this time of year, but we promise that we'll read every single one of them by the start of the Fringe.  Re-sending the same press release simply adds to our workload and doesn't increase the chance we'll cover your show.

If you like to chat on Twitter

Richard Stamp (Fringe Guru’s co-founder and now The Wee Review’s editor-at-large) will still be on Twitter, and still using the name @FringeGuru. Feel free to get in touch with him to talk about your show. Although he can’t always reply to every mention, he does read them all.

And of course, you can also follow The Wee Review on @theweereview to keep up with all our coverage this year.

If you're coming to Meet The Media

If you've got a show at the Edinburgh Fringe – and particularly if you're working on your own publicity – then you ought to know about Meet the Media.  This annual event takes place on the first Saturday afternoon of each year's Fringe, and sees representatives of a dozen or more media organisations line up in a university hall, ready to listen to two-minute pitches from whoever turns up to meet them.

There’ll be one combined desk for The Wee Review and Fringe Guru at Meet The Media this year. Because we’re joining forces, we’ll have more people there to talk to you, which we hope means that the queues will move quicker and we’ll be able to hear about more of your shows.

If you show’s listed in the theatre or spoken word sections, Richard Stamp (Fringe Guru’s co-founder and now The Wee Review’s editor-at-large) will the there all day to chat to you. If you’re listed in another section, you’ll be welcome to talk to Robert Peacock (The Wee Review’s managing editor) or his existing team.

If a reviewer comes to your show

We’ll be using a combined team of reviewers, and all our reviews will be published on The Wee Review’s website. Feel free to quote them either as “The Wee Review” or “The Wee Review / Fringe Guru”.

Our two organisations chose to merge because we share the same high standards for ethics, quality, and the diversity of our coverage. Our editorial guidelines were already almost identical, and we’ve even shared some of the same reviewers. We won’t be changing any of our core beliefs, and we’ll continue championing small-scale work alongside shows at major venues.

If you’d like to advertise with us

Because we won’t be publishing reviews on Fringe Guru’s website this year, we won’t be selling ads on Fringe Guru. But The Wee Review has some great packages to offer you, starting at just £10, with discounts for shows with free or affordable tickets - and an extra bonus if you book early.  Find out more on The Wee Review's website.

We’re also the company behind iFringe, the leading reviews app for the Edinburgh Fringe. Tens of thousands of people have downloaded iFringe over the past five years, so it's an important new way to connect with your potential audience.  Ads on iFringe are big and bold, and reach Fringe-goers just as they're deciding on a show to see.  Find out more on our sister site, iFringe.com.

If you also perform in Brighton, Buxton or London

Fringe Guru’s coverage of the Brighton Fringe, Buxton Fringe and VAULT Festival in London isn’t affected by this merger. We’ll still be covering those festivals as we always have, under the Fringe Guru name.

If you want to know more

Have any questions about the link-up?  Get in touch with us by email, or speak to Richard Stamp (from Fringe Guru) or Robert Peacock (from The Wee Review) on Twitter.