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Take seven men who are (or have been) world leaders in their sporting disciplines, put them together to create a show, and what have you got?  You've got this multi-disciplinary fusion, where urban culture meets sporting skills such as BMX biking, basketball and wheel artistry. It promised to be good, and they duly delivered an hour of pure entertainment.

The younger members of the audience were well catered-for with the likes of 'Basketball Man', who proved that freestyle juggling with up to five authentic basketballs was quite something to see. The breakdance competition between world champions Bboy Leerok and Bboy Koreen was wondrous too, both men demonstrating just why they had held that title.

I appreciated the beauty of the work on the giant wheel (delivered by Rhys Miller) and the amazing skill of the once-world-champion BMX rider Peter Sore. And I particularly liked Bboy Koreen for his cheeky answer after not having the chance to try out the large wheel. It was clear from the audience's response that he had won their hearts over too.

But my favourite part of the show was when all of the players came together, to show off their skills alongside the drummer (Gene Peterson) and rapper/musician (Sam Perry). As each of the men used their expertise to tease the spotlight on and off – and with live music complementing their every move – you could not fail to be entertained .

It's refreshing that the show is performed by a group of older, more experienced men, and not the young baseball-capped teenagers you might have expected.  But the result somehow lacked the polish and finesse I was hoping for.  At times it felt like I was simply witnessing a group of guys hanging out together, having a good time doing what they do best, rather than pulling out all the stops for their audience.

Yet it was clear that all of the men on stage were talented, and justifiably had been at the top of their games. What they could do with their bikes, basketballs and bodies was incredible; so if you have a teenager who dreams of being a breakdancer or a BMX biker, bring them to this show and they'll be inspired for sure.