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I'm still trying to work out why I enjoyed this circus cabaret so much; it really was one of the most bizarre shows I have ever experienced. Four slightly out-of-shape men, in nothing but tight black pants, black shoes and socks, putting themselves out there doing a variety of unusual circus acts? It sounds like a recipe for disaster – but the show was so engaging and the performers so endearing, that it was impossible not to enjoy.

The performance features a real mixed bag of acts, including many old favourites – all the different possible ways of balancing on each other's shoulders, and daringly high aerial ring displays. But there are other tricks I've never experienced or even imagined before: juggling and balancing a full barrel of beer; a live hamster involved in a magic trick; and a mentalist in high-heeled shoes. There were stunts with golf clubs, and dangerous-seeming balancing acts that made me wince with disbelief. And who would have thought I could have found a man in a rubber glitter ball spinning in a large ring entertaining? But he was, and I did!

I loved the commitment the performers showed to their craft – even though it was fascinatingly (and possibly deliberately) bad in places, the group's occasional failings were counteracted by the fact they made it look like they were trying so hard. I really liked the showmanship and tongue-in-cheek attitude to the whole thing, and I particularly appreciated their obvious care for each other and perseverance when one balancing act didn't quite come off. When on the third attempt they succeeded, the crowd's cheer nearly took the roof off the big top.

The finale has to be the most bizarre thing I've ever seen on stage, yet I found myself laughing along with the audience; it was simply impossible not to. Despite the lengthy hour-and-forty-minutes running time, I found that I didn't look at my watch once. It's a brilliant piece of late-night entertainment (be prepared for some nudity too), and one thing is certain: you're unlikely to find another circus act quite like it at this or any Fringe.