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It's hard to review a show as unique as this one without giving away too many spoilers – or, on the other hand, being far too vague. The surprise element is what works best for it. But at the same time, even after being part of this rave-infused pagan ritual, it feels like I can't quite adequately explain it to anyone who hasn't done it yet.

When the staff suggested we leave our coats and bags in the waiting room, there was a genuine feeling of nervousness and tension – which is exactly how it should start. Two by two people were led through a door, and the silence that followed each pair's disappearance only heightened the anxiety in the nether zone. Who knows what, everyone was thinking, awaits us on the other side of the wall? As much fun as you could possibly have of an evening? A crazed backstreet dentist with a massive pair of pliers? At this point all anyone knows is that there is a faun, and the general consensus is to follow it.

After a while we were lined up in a darkened room. I should say if you want a nice, relaxing, passive show to see after a long day walking about a capital city – then brace yourself, because there is no sitting down. This is about as interactive a show as you're likely to get.

Finally the faun appears, loping through the intimate crowd. Pulses begin to race. And so we do as the faun does. We follow him on this dreamy, trance-like mystical journey of enlightenment (so basically it appears you are experiencing the darkest furrows of an extreme trip). It is a very sensory show, which makes it at times scary, at times so vivid you can transport yourself to this dimension. It's not for the faint hearted, or for anyone currently on prescription medication (or other substances) with potentially hallucinogenic side effects.

It is an opportunity to release your inhibitions, to revert to a very primal state where suddenly you look around and notice that for a time the laws and boundaries of society no longer exist. The more you are prepared to go along with it, the bolder and more free you become.

Follow the Faun is a wonderful spoof of any pseudo spiritual mind-warping journey you could buy into at a festival. You might not physically change your approach to life after this, but it'll certainly make you think about all the subconscious human traits we're keeping locked up. Wear loose fitting clothing, bring a bottle of water and just go with it.