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Milton Jones is a long-established comedian, and a well-known face and voice on TV and radio. With that in mind, the title of the show intrigued me: how would Milton's style of puns and one-liners fit with a theme which conjures up images of action and adventure?

Arriving on stage looking like a slightly deranged Indiana Jones, the real-life Jones does indeed take us on a journey of alternative adventure every bit as quirky as you'd expect. He introduces us to various characters along the way, and keeps our interest with some interesting staging and visual tools. He throws out the one-liners like a tennis ball machine – your brain at times needs to be revved up to keep up. 

He also invites participation, both by requesting suggestions and by finding out about his audience, and it was during one of these junctures that we saw a different dimension to his hapless onstage character.  A cheeky heckle from an audience member paused proceedings momentarily, but after a couple of beats, Jones responded with a razor-sharp retort – then kindly, but assuredly, made several more on-point references to the heckler later in the show. Jones is a quick-thinking comedian, and you have no chance of winning a battle of wits against him.

But equally, he has the ability to make something very polished appear off-the-cuff and random. I've heard a few people comment that Jones is 'odd' or 'a strange one', seemingly unaware that this is a comedy persona which he employs to great effect. It is surely testament to his character acting that he has convinced so many of his audience that the onstage Milton is the real Milton.

Overall this is good, harmless fun and solid entertainment, from a comic with a well-earned reputation for providing lots of laughs. It's not groundbreaking or wildly out-there, but it's not supposed to be. If you quickly tire of puns and one-liners then it may not be for you; but otherwise, one of the great beauties of this show is the wide range of audiences it will suit. The Edinburgh Fringe can be a minefield – it's hard to find something you'd be comfortable taking your granny, a first date, or a young person to – and this show fits the bill.