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Nailed It! is a classic cabaret piano-man-and-singer double act, a collaboration between Melbourne-based duo Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer (keys) and Andrew Strano (vocals). Their witty wordplay, all of their own creation, takes in thoughts on love and life.

It starts very well. The opening number deconstructs the meaning, literally, of some of the classic tokens of romance (birdsong, flowers); it's lyrically inventive, as well as being pleasingly pedantic and refreshingly rude, like your favourite Tom Lehrer song. Next up is a taboo-busting number, 'So Much In Common', which demonstrates that Strano in particular is not afraid to commit to a gag.

It felt for the most part like it was building towards some meaningful moment of reflection, and maybe we got that two-thirds in with an elegiac meditation on a broken-down car. However, that jumped straight into a thematically similar but tonally discordant road-trip-come-psychoanalysis number. The metaphor, unfortunately, didn't survive the journey.

The remaining songs, while clever and hinging on some pleasingly niche reference points, felt somehow extraneous: the flow was gone. A little more thought on those structural elements, it seemed to me, and this could easily turn from a good show to a great one.

As it stands, this is definitely a good show, with some catchy tunes (I'm still humming 'Crack Babies' today). Both performers clearly have the musical chops, the numbers were slick and polished, and Strano is an engaging and affecting frontman. If they could pin down what story they're actually trying to tell, then they really would nail it.