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After five years away from the Edinburgh Fringe, Paul Kerensa returns with his sixth solo show, the sequel to his 2006 outing Back To The Futon. 2015 is an apt year for a Back To The Future tribute show; if you're a fan of the film you'll already know why, and if you're not, this show will soon make it clear. Regardless of your taste in retro cinema, Kerensa offers an upbeat hour of light-hearted escapism.

The first part of Kerensa's act is a synopsis and parody of the eponymous film's plot, through the means of multimedia and, surprisingly, song. Whilst a great deal of the material is based on the film, the themes of past and future are also explored as the piece develops - particularly the idea of travelling back in time to Kerensa's earlier Fringe shows, and the advice he would give to his younger self. Advances in technology over the years are discussed, as well as the advances in Kerensa's personal life (the arrival of two children) since his last time at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Kerensa brings a bright energy and gusto to his performance, but retains a laid-back, friendly approach, comfortably interacting with his audience. Many of the gags are cheesy and the delivery had a number of clumsy moments - most notably the stilted use of multimedia - but as he himself commented, this is a free show after all. Indeed, Kerensa is self-deprecating and self-aware, joking that he won't win the Foster's award with this show - which he won't - but that neither he nor his audience care.

This is not slick, cutting-edge, or message-driven comedy; rather the emphasis appears to be on thoroughly enjoying his subject matter and, most importantly, giving those watching him a joyful experience.  It's ebullient light entertainment, suitable for all ages, filled with kind and inoffensive jokes which leave the audience with an observable feel-good factor.

Do get there early: with a short run and a full house on the first day, it looks like seats will be in demand.  Back To The Future geeks will obviously love this - but Paul Kerensa has been a scriptwriter for TV programmes including Not Going Out and Miranda, so if you like the kind of pre-watershed joyful silliness which defines those shows, you'll enjoy a fun hour here too.