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What do a level-headed art thief, her semi-useless pal, and a security guard have in common? Munch's 'Scream' of course… and Nando's! There's plenty to chuckle at in this comic take on art thieves and their shenanigans.

A non-linear storyline opens with 'The Scream' hung up on the wall, as Lee, Molly, and Norman surround it. Lee is attempting to sell the painting; Norman, the security guard who actually committed the robbery, is losing it; and Molly is trying to calm him down. From here, the flashback takes us to the planning of the robbery, and how Molly and Lee recruit their now-reformed friend Norman.

The action happens at Nando's – 'People say all sorts of things at Nando's', Normal observes – but the trio's plans are thoroughly busted by Norman's sister Nancy, who has spent a great deal of time trying to get him back 'on the right track' by helping him find a job at the Tate. An entertaining series of events follows, featuring friction between Nancy and Molly, and the brandishing of a pair of scissors.

While the production contains plenty of funny moments, it remains a series of disconnected scenes. We don't get to fully understand what's happened between the three in the past, though references are made to it; and similarly, the action does not lead anywhere, even if the play ends at an interesting juncture. In trying to be comic Raspberry Tart Productions may have veered towards the absurdist, filling the time with a series of comic caricatures, with no prologue or epilogue to frame them.

Even so, the inspiration is there somewhere, and the actors are very comfortable owning the stage. It's a production which shows promise – and in any case, staring into one of the greatest masterpieces of modern art as it takes centre stage is not such a bad way to spend an hour.