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It's worth investigating this tour of weird tales - but don't come alone.  You'll hear improvised stories exploring the American and British traditions of horror writing, and which draw from the audience's own experiences too.  And of course, all of them start from suggestions contributed on the day by the people in the room.

Three talented actors, familiar from the improvised-musical hit {Showstoppers!} and the London Improvathon, use those audience suggestions as jumping-off points to craft tales for your delight.  On the day I attended, the existential horror of the American weird - Poe and Lovecraft for example – was represented by White Witch, Black Smoke, inspired by a photograph chosen from a large leather album.  A second tale took us down into a Yorkshire mine in the 1980s, haunted by The Corlean, showcasing the British tradition of horror.  Finally we met a man accused of murder, being interrogated, proclaiming his innocence and blaming The Doll.

The actors bring with them an obvious familiarity with the genres, knowledge which allows them to perform the impressive task of spontaneously acting out a dark and intriguing story.  They make good use of the minimal props around, and vary between dialogue and narration as fits the style of the tale.  Horror aficionados will appreciate the homages to the great writers, and will find the occasional humorous moments are generally well placed.

The technical desk also does a brilliant job. While there are times when the volume of the sound effects makes it difficult to hear the dialogue, in the main they read the actors' plans very well, and offer sterling service creating atmosphere and defining the scenes.  The rapport of the whole cast and crew makes for slick storytelling and it's often hard to believe they are improvising it.

This show is a clever piece of work, enjoyable and impressive.  They may not quite have leave you sleeping with the lights on, but the tales they spin certainly draw you in to mysterious and creepy worlds.