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I loved every second of this show, from the very start to the very finish. The seven performers – six boys and one girl – of 'Les 7 Doights de la Main' have created a mind-blowingly energetic piece of physical theatre, which meets every part that other shows fail to reach.

All the traditional circus techniques were there, including high-octane tumbling, balancing and aerial pole work. However, there were some lovely unique touches, such as the use of a 1950's radio microphone which swung down from the ceiling to allow the players to speak to the audience. And then there was a piece with an armchair and reading book, which left me thinking just how many different ways you can actually position yourself on a chair.

But my favourite part by far was a dance sequence on skateboards, set to the swing number 'It's Only a Paper Moon.' It was an absolute joy to behold, as each of the performers glided across the stage in a series of superbly choreographed sequences. And the moonwalk on roller skates had to be seen to be believed; this whole scene by itself was worth the ticket price alone for me.  

The company's talent seemed endless. Quite aside from their physical capabilities, each of them in turn played a grand piano built out of pieces of plywood, and at one point they broke into song together (for good measure, singing in Chinese). I liked the seamless transitions between the action almost as much as the main features; they gave the appearance of simply messing around together in the background, until subtly, almost as if by accident, it would turn into another set-piece.

The whole performance was pitch-perfect in terms of timing, both comedic and sequential, and the music they chose was absolutely on the money for each of the pieces. This was a smooth, graceful and sexy performance, and physical theatre at its absolute best. This wonderfully creative production truly is a must-see this Fringe.