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Punchline Theatre is back at the 2016 Fringe with romantic comedy 2 Complicated. Exploring the hilarity of long-distance relationships, aided and at times hindered by technology, this show is sure to leave you in fits of giggles.

Wannabe writer Daniel lives with his ex-girlfriend; neither of them can afford to move out, so they just remain as flatmates in awkward proximity. The plot moves on to Daniel’s relationships – in the plural, because he thinks it’s okay to go on dates while in a long-distance relationship with someone else. Eventually, of course, he ends up kissing his ex-girlfriend… Are you with me? Like they said, it’s 2 complicated!

The script is casual, rambling, and has good comic value. Lines like “I love exotic stuff, I had a gap year” really made me chuckle. It has the perfect balance of seriousness, wry dialogue, and hilarity – just as expected from a typical rom-com.

But the USP is the personification of Daniel’s conscience; the performer brings a whole new dimension to the show with his superb acting and brilliant stage presence. The constant jabbering from the conscience also means that the audience is fully clued in to what Daniel is thinking and how he justifies his unfaithful behaviour. Another fine touch is the impeccably timed depiction of a Skype conversation.

Not everyone is so great on stage. The characters of both Jessie and Willy felt unconvincing, and on the day I attended, Willy especially seemed quite distracted and preoccupied. The change of scenes, performed by the actors themselves, weren’t the smoothest either.

That doesn’t mar the production though: this is a fantastic show, and it’s on for a few more nights. If you are a young person who has ever been in love with someone far away, you’re sure to relate (sometimes cynically) to more than one aspect of what you see.