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Eight illusionists from Korea, all at the top of their game, have come together to create this silent mystery and magic show. The premise is a multi-faceted art performance, using magic combined with illusion, comedy, dance and more.

The show opens with the performers discovering a locked door; once they open it, they find themselves entering a series of different realities. We are treated to an abundance of origami windmills that seem to appear from nowhere, illusions created by clever lighting, the fastest costume changes ever recorded (verified by the Guinness Book of Records!) and shadow puppets that had the audience laughing out loud.

The acts are linked together by The Tricksters (C.S. Choi, Lee Yeong-min and Mun Jeong-seok), who provide the comedy factor and lend a slightly slapstick, Marx Brothers feel to proceedings. The Tricksters do a fantastic job of keeping proceedings moving along, and I particularly enjoyed Choi as the artist whose paint brushes kept disappearing and reappearing – even at one point magically transforming into a cloth for him to wipe his glasses with.

I found magician Hun Lee’s facial expressions and mannerisms a little over the top and a bit cheesy at the start of his act. But I had to take that back – and fast – when at the touch of an imaginary remote control, he was put on re-wind. He recreated the WHOLE act from start to finish backwards and at double speed. It was quite a feat to witness!

But my very favourite act was from The Alchemist (Y.M. Kim), whose illusions were created from grains of sand and petals that seemed to be suspended in mid-air before reforming as flowers. I don't want to spoil anything here, but the final moments of his act were staggeringly clever. And if you like a bit of glitter, then you'll love this.

There were a few moments where the tricks were a little clumsy, and visible even to the amateur eye. But the cast got away with this due to the dramatic showmanship of all of the performances, aided superbly by clever lighting and mood-enhancing music. And, no matter what, all the illusionists were indeed masters of their craft and a spectacle to behold. This is a show with huge entertainment value.