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A somewhat mind-boggling mixture of genres, this is a show best described as mime and burlesque with added bubbles. There's twerking, stilettos and a woman dressed up like a sexy Harry Potter – all of which makes for a show that's not for the faint-hearted. Even so, this was a thoroughly enjoyable hour that could only happen at the Edinburgh Fringe. Happily (or unhappily) there's even some audience participation.

Starting as mime with some fun bubble-based tricks, the performance opens with a charming courtship routine: two people sip soap-sud based cocktails, with lively 1920s music playing in the background. At this point I thought I might be in for a slightly tame affair. Not so. In no time the lady is wearing little more than bubbles, which are being flicked off her chest by her colleague, now seemingly dressed as an Axl Rose impersonator. Knickers and sanitary products soon fly through the air as bubbles are blown down the woman's quivering thighs.

All of which creates a wonderfully bizarre show. Behind the light-hearted raciness, the bubble tricks are surprisingly impressive, with lighting used to create some genuinely beautiful sights. Much of the show is baffling yet really funny, such as the competition to see who can make the biggest cascade of bubbles to dangle between their crotch. The two actors, Kurt Murray and Iulia Benze, give an energetic and unapologetically silly performance.

Some moments verge on being a little too surreal – we move very quickly from the man miming being in the womb, to the lady appearing on stage looking like the love child of Mother Theresa and Death having a bad hair-day. There is a section involving making bubbles out of a doll spit in half, which also turned a little too eccentric for me. But overall the loose plot and inexplicable happenings add to the fun.

Bubble Show For Adults Only really does mean what it says in the title, but beneath all of light-hearted smut I found it strangely charming. If you can't handle a woman wearing a horse's head sexy dancing, then this is not for you… but if you enjoy your fellow audience members not knowing whether to laugh or leave the room sharply, it could be just what you're looking for. Dutch courage comes recommended.