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Cat FM is one of the silliest things I’ve seen at the Fringe this year. It’s an hour of sketch comedy, delivered by cats. Who run a radio station called… Cat FM. Chris Turner and Alice Winn perform the show wearing cat ears, and with frequent pauses to wash themselves, curl up on the floor and lick each other.

The audience is also cast as cats, as almost the entire of the human population has been wiped out by zombies. We are encouraged to miaow as convincingly as possible as we join Turner and Winn in a heavily-defended bunker-cum-recording studio.

The sketches are interspersed with pre-recorded radio adverts for cat litter and other essentials. This does break up the show and remind us all that we’re listening to a radio programme, but I didn’t find the adverts overly funny, and at some points it’s a bit hard to hear them. I think this would have been easier if the actors had gone offstage during these segments, so that the audience could focus better on the audio.

This is not a serious show, and it feels appropriate that the comedians don’t take themselves overly seriously. They have a wonderful onstage chemistry and it’s no surprise that they’re a couple in real life too. They both seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves throughout the show, and take every opportunity to ad-lib in order to make each other, and the audience, giggle.

The show is littered with sparklingly witty puns and references, some of which are unfortunately a bit too clever for this particular environment. There are, it must be said, some jokes and sketches that are more awkward than funny, but there are also a few absolutely cracking puns and hilarious moment.

Cat FM is ridiculous, clever and funny. It has everything you could want in a sketch show: a clear structure, good chemistry, witty puns, political satire, a musical number, and of course, a zombie apocalypse.