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iDENTiTY is a comedic walk through some of the pitfalls of living in a modern, data-hungry online world. Six solid short plays from the Anomaly Theatre Company players give us warning of the dangers we unwittingly face, when others gain access to our personal data.

The scene is set well by the first piece, which opens with a visit from a sales representative of the 'Big Data Company' (played by Serena Doran) – a corporation that knows more about most people's personal circumstances than they do themselves. With intelligent hooks into search histories, and related data they have purchased, they collate and analyse their customers' online identities in order to 'help' solve their current problems – for a fee, of course. At first, Mr Tattersall (played by Aneurin Rees) is rather naively dismissive of the visitor, but soon realizes he needs to pay attention to what 'they' actually know.

This theme of identity is covered from various angles as we progress through each piece. Identity proposes the idea that we are defined by our profiles, our genes, our online searches, our associates or by our jobs: all of these are explored with darkly humorous effect, exposing the risks and misunderstandings that arise in all walks of life if we take the information presented to us at its face value.

Not all of the six stories are equally strong, but they are all cleverly conceived and well-written by Jack Jackman (who also directs). If you have seen any Black Mirror, that's the style here. In addition to creating the work, Jackman also performs alongside fellow actors Doran, Rees and the rest of the Anomaly players, namely Alyssa Muego, Thomas Jaffray and Rhea Paterson.

All in all this is a highly entertaining collection, with plenty of identity-related acting skills to enjoy. One to watch.