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Meet Peter & Bambi Heaven, self-help gurus and tacky magicians extraordinaire. With costumes to make Liberace jealous, and thumping 80s anthems for accompaniment, this is comedy at its brashest – albeit with some impressive magic tricks thrown in. Or as they put it, "come and get your heads wrecked by two of Australia's best".

Amid much crotch-thrusting and glitter, Peter and Bambi are on a mission to tell the world about the secret to their long-term partnership – magical love – and they're utterly delighted to be spreading the word. Amongst all the excitement, will Bambi manage to keep her clothes on long enough to get to the end of the show?

There's an oddly fascinating routine involving a cow-girl outfit and a hefty amount of chewing gum, a nod to the legendary Siegfried & Roy, and a sexy diablo lesson for the ladies from Peter – during which he promises "someone's gonna get pregnant tonight". All of which is very funny, and wonderfully brazen.

It's high-octane and a lot of fun, as Peter and Bambi get the audience roaring for more. In this performance two members of the public were coaxed into adding to the madness with some brave participation. I loved the over-the-top dancing combined with major wardrobe malfunctions.

Bambi at her shrillest may grate on people with a delicate sense of hearing – as Peter puts it, she is "full-on" – but it's a brave performance by Gypsy Wood, which wouldn't work half as well if it was any less bombastic. Peter, played by Asher Treleaven, pouts and prances his way through the show giving a hilarious if not subtle performance. There's not a lot of depth, but the premise works well and the dynamic between the two Aussies makes for a thoroughly entertaining hour.

Be warned, it's 16+ for a reason, and the show might upset the squeamish. But with a magnificent cocktail of love, Lycra and leotards, it's a performance with a guaranteed party atmosphere. If you're not easily offended, you'll be laughing throughout at their Antipodean antics; these two self-proclaimed loose units need to be seen to be believed.