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Salt Water is a funny and wonderfully slick maritime sketch show from four members of the Cambridge Footlights. The performers all display impressive talent, but what makes this show really stand out is its original theme, and the coherent way that the show sticks to it.

The show is built on one continuous storyline, with a clear beginning, middle and end. We follow the story of four teenagers stuck in the gloomy and out-of-the-way fishing village of Salt Water, as they grapple with the bizarre locals and search for a way to escape.

The sketches which form part of this storyline are combined with a series of completely irrelevant, yet nonetheless nautical-themed, scenes. These keep the show interesting and save it from having to follow the central story too closely, as well as adding raucous laughter with their brilliant silliness.

The writing is fresh and original, with relatable subject matter, meta-jokes and plenty of recurring punchlines. It’s silly but fun – and the sketches vary in style, including some audio-only segments, physical comedy and a touch of audience interaction.

The performers display an impressive professionalism onstage, and manage to make it through even the most absurd segments without ruining the sketch by laughing at their own joke. The four work well together, and convincingly create the central characters in a very short space of time, marking each out with their own personal characteristic.

The show has a very student-like feel to it; while on the one hand some of the humour is immature, on the other it’s unusual, high-energy and fun. Salt Water feels fresh, and different to the hordes of other university sketch shows to be found at the Fringe. It’s an intelligent and well-crafted show that’s consistently funny from start to finish.