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In this original and absurd sketch show, a game of hide and seek results in Sam and Tom getting stuck inside each other's bodies. The only way to return to themselves is with a panicked romp through a range of different characters across the entirety of human history.

The idea behind the show is creative, and it has the potential to make a very nice frame for the sketches, but unfortunately it doesn’t flow well. The show is slow to start, and for a while it really isn’t clear that it’s going anywhere; then it suddenly picks up quickly and ends very abruptly.

Unrectifiable is billed as absurdist horror, and the poster showing the two comedians with extra mouths on their faces should give a clue of the theme. I was expecting to find something weird and unusual, but was also hoping that it would be clever, creative and funny – which unfortunately it wasn’t. A couple of the stages of transformation of the boys are amusing, but most of them inspire a smile or weak chuckle at best.

This was Sam and Tom’s debut sketch show, and that does show. While there is potential for genius in the characters chosen and in the dynamic between the pair, this isn’t really developed. Both clearly have an aptitude for performance but the material needs to be thought through a lot more.

With the two comedians jumping around on stage and up and down through the room, there is enormous energy on display – but that didn’t quite transfer to the audience, many of whom seemed as quietly bemused as I was throughout. The show is loud and abrasive; if they could just focus some of that overwhelming exuberance into developing their ideas a bit further, I think the result would be improved.

The comedians make a seemingly endless string of references to reviewers, press, and the sparsity of the audience. I felt uncomfortably beseeched to enjoy the show, but I can’t truthfully say that I did. There were some amusing moments but for me Unrectifiable just isn’t well-written, polished or funny enough to recommend.