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Meet the Iconoclasts, a dysfunctional family with a passion for performance and some difficult issues to work through. This alternative musical-cabaret sees them reunited and on tour with their band, lead by professional smoothy Mr Sweet Sax. There are tears, laughter and a good few jibes at Brexit. Will their desire to compete with each other ruin the show, or can they pull it together for the sake of a good performance?

The reason for their reunion – apart from a chance to unleash their egos on the public – is to celebrate the life of Estelle, sister, daughter and family unifier who has recently died. There's "real-firecracker" ma Trish who's got a past, anti-Brexit Danny who's got his own problems to deal with, and alcoholic Alec who's only here because his magic show fell through. Finally there's self-proclaimed arsehole John, who long ago gave up being a dad in favour of being fabulous on stage.

Some routines are funny, some are sad. In the case of ex-soldier John, I just downright didn't see his act coming, but he absolutely stole the show – despite his particularly graphic description of how unwelcome he is. The lyrics of the music are political but funny, such as Danny's solo about Brexit, singing about being "stuck in the past with Nigel Farage and Michael Gove." Each person performs in turn with a few duets thrown in; all are sung to a wonderfully high standard, although Alex Cosgriff as Alec really stood out for his incredible voice.

Unsurprisingly, by choosing to make the family Northern Irish, the quality of accents varied throughout the performance but they did largely hold out. Some characters had more entertaining roles than others, and the family melodrama sometimes felt a little forced, but then this is a show that packs in a lot in one hour.

It's a show with catchy tunes, a lot of cynicism and a good deal of talent, which will leave you feeling like your family is actually pretty normal in comparison. The funk band in the background was an absolute treat too. The Inconoclasts will entertain you, but also give you something to think about afterwards – as, in their own words, it's "kinda special, kinda sad".