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Even at the Edinburgh Fringe, there can't have been many zombie apocalypse folk musicals, making Tom and Bunny Save the World an intriguing proposition. And the show certainly stakes a memorable claim on the genre, with a lively hour of bawdiness, songs and awkward sex jokes. There's even quite a lot of plot delivered at break-neck speed.

Unlikely duo Bunny (a self-proclaimed "shag your girlfriend's dad kind of person") and Tom (a geek) are thrown together in the woods of Epping Forest. Despite their differences, with zombies on their tail, they decide to band together to survive. The situation is dire, after all: "Tinder's not working, Deliveroo too" they sing, like true millennials.

Robust Yorkshirewoman Bunny decides their best option for survival is to head north to God's Own County. On the way they meet Welsh sheep-fanciers, a vet called Gareth, one pregnant academic and one disgruntled Porton Down employee. Soon there's a team ready to take on the undead.

Throughout there are brilliant lines: "It's almost like Titanic / The sex is better cos they're gonna die" being a particular highlight. But it's not just about laughs, as all of these are sung by a genuinely talented and energetic cast. Fans of the Women's Institute will also enjoy the pivotal role the organisation plays, adding to the playful tone of sending up all things British.

Loud, brash and rude, this is certainly not for those who like their performances introspective, nuanced or with intricate plots. The music is more Frank Turner than Neil Young, but it's all the more enjoyable for that. Inevitably, Robyn Grant as Bunny somewhat steals the show - thanks in part to her accidental amorous advances on a zombie.

It's definitely not for everyone – particularly not those of a nervous disposition – but if you think you'd enjoy a tongue in cheek musical about zombies taking over the UK then you're probably right, you will. Featuring good music delivered by a great cast, it's immature, fun and definitely stands out. Just don't forget to bring your baseball bat.