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Set sail with on the pirate ship The Red Rubber Ducky, as her crew of three brave the ocean in search of treasure. Armed with only a map, their courage and some incredible acrobatics, they have all they need for adventure on the high seas – in a show which gives a traditional clown performance a pirate-themed twist.

The crew wow their audience with acrobatic feats, and make us laugh along with their “mishaps”. Featuring ladder work, a see-saw and a wheel, this is physically a very accomplished show. One repeated motif involves fighting over the captain’s hat – all delivered with slick action and fast wordplay.

Occasional requests for the audience to shout out worked well, and the show could have benefitted from a few more of them to keep all the children involved. The performers dealt well with the unexpectedness of children, but did break out of character in what felt like self-consciousness; more commitment to stay in role would work better for me.

The jokes are not particularly clever (think Captain Skid Mark for the kids and a bit of innuendo for the parents, plus a joke about bluebottles being a type of jellyfish which got a little lost in translation). But they were received well enough, and the physical show makes up for any weakness. Each performer’s specialism is well-placed into the overall story, from climbing the rigging to walking the plank, taking the wheel and of course juggling cutlasses. These scenes were showcase the troop’s talents, and thrilled the audience.

So the physicality is better than the spoken components, but the three talented acrobats bring a thrilling piratical adventure to life. With well-executed tricks and some great comedy moments, it's a solid family circus show.