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Jet Black Pearl (Jetty Swart) and The Amazing Bubbleman (Louis Pearl) combine forces in this surprising late-night cabaret. Amazing bubble structures and tricks combine with feisty accordion playing, and cheeky songs.

Opening the performance with some background on how he became a bubble expert, Louis shows us a few of his favourite tricks. With smoke, lighter-than-air gases and a lot of skill, he wows with his tricks while engaging the audience with his jovial chatter.

The transition to the middle section of the show definitely needs work to make it smoother, but Jet Black Pearl is a gem. Her rousing songs are both risqué and surprising, and have the audience laughing along. Featuring all things from slugs to accordions they are unique in the best way.

The final third of the show saw the two performers join forces for a striking finale. With stunning sculptures and tricks set to superb music, this is really where the show shines; especially when, rather than playing well known songs, Jetty adapts and times the music to the bubbles growing and bursting.

The tech could be improvedl it was difficult to hear Jetty clearly in some of her songs, and the cues for lowering the lights and uncovering the screen were often missed. Similarly, their joint performance was not well planned; the actual parts were well done, but there appeared to be no particular plan for the order of these, which lead to many awkward gaps. Hopefully these will all improve as the pair continue to work together and their skill will be able to shine more.

This unusual cabaret show combines the childish delight of bubbles, with the childish delight of innuendo and a skilful soundtrack. These artists are skilled in their own right, but their combined performance at its best is magical. It's let down by the feeling that these were three separate performances with no smooth links between the sections, and by awkward pauses at times. But this is still a very good show, that will surely get even better.