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Set shortly after the First World War, In Pursuit of Andromeda is a story of gratitude, forgiveness, and love. In a performance that guides its audience through a complex and emotional relationship, The Apex deliver a show that lingers long after it’s finished. We see a man haunted by the war – and the sacrifices another will make to help him be happy, in an ultimately enjoyable and uplifting story.

One fateful morning, fisherman Edward finds a woman floating on the water. Upon saving her, he realises she is not quite what she seems, and discovers she is a mermaid named Annwn. She is indebted to him for saving her, and the two form a beautiful bond that cures the loneliness in Edwards heart… but things don’t stay perfect for long.

A pale blue light sets the stage: the audience are welcomed to the waterside in a surreal and magical scene. The colours used during the performance are one of my favourite motifs, especially when mixed with the music, and there is a homely, vintage feel to the set. Edward and Annwn create a strong union as they work together to catch great volumes of fish; the fishing net is an important and well-used prop in the play, and even the sound of the net hitting the floor is rhythmic and meaningful. The two characters work beautifully together and Annwn’s song is captivating for both Edward and their audience.

But whilst the show was visually stunning, I often had issues with the actors' articulation. The strong accents meant I found myself missing words, and although I did manage to piece together the plot points I hadn't picked up, I would have preferred a bit more clarity.

Yet the show is captivating regardless: the dynamic between the two characters is enough to spur numerous emotions as the play reaches its sudden end. This performance is a journey – and the love and care the two present to one another was very personal. In Pursuit of Andromeda is a touching and visually-impressive show: one that perhaps needs more clarity in the storytelling, but a relationship worth investing in and an illustration of how love is found in the strangest of places.