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Purveyor of woo-woo Jasper Red has travelled from Brighton, missed out on a Britney Spears concert and put together her debut Fringe show – all to help you align your chakras. Don't forget to bring along your rhythmic breathing and crystals to this initially promising production.

The show aims to take an affectionate but entertaining look at alternative medicine, and the lengths people have to go to escape the 21st century. Potty-mouthed healer Jasper is caught between airing her views on the "hetronormative bullshit" that is Love Island and quietly revelling in her inner goddess.

Along the way Jasper's Earth-mother front begins to slide; we hear about Anita, her wild housemate, and learn about her mother who has recently died. There are glimpses of an archetypical millennial household WhatsApp group in all its graphic glory too.

To my surprise, the audience gamely followed instructions to rub their different chakras with their eyes shut, albeit in a slightly startled way. That said, there weren't as many laughs as there should have been and despite a good start I didn’t really engage with the performer by the end.

The character of Jasper Red is certainly territory that is ripe for Edinburgh, but it doesn't reach it's potential. Part of the problem is the switch in tone from joking about poppers to wanting the audience to be moved by tales of her mum's amazing ability to connect with children.

And after a strong beginning it starts to loose pace, with the funny parts more and more spread out. At one point there was a projection of Jasper's phone messages whilst she was speaking which we were meant to be reading – there was just too much going on. The show also finished early, suggesting the material needs a bit more development.

There's some light laughs and an engaging premise, but I didn't feel it healed my spirit in quite the way intended. With some work though, this could be great.