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If you'd like to enter a world where reality and make-believe combine – to create a psychedelic rambling adventure, which tackles shamans, politics and a menagerie of celebrity friends – then Nick Revell is your man. Based on his Radio 4 series, this show whizzes you back and forth through time with a dreamlike, multi-layered quality.

Revell details his heavily-embellished experiences, beginning with the dreamcatcher from the title, and featuring his long-standing friendships with airy North London-based film stars and Vladimir Putin. As he details the story and all its inter-connected figures, drawn from popular culture and world politics, you can't help by get swept up in this fantastical world; Revell's deadpan delivery is so convincing you'd swear it was plausible that he found himself in a student martial arts competition fighting bears in Siberia alongside trainee KGB agents.

Revell is a true raconteur. This is old-fashioned farcical storytelling, where a man, a microphone and your imagination is all that is required. Pure surrealism and escapism merge with the real world, with undertones hanging in the political zeitgeist. We learn of Revell's surprisingly heavy influence on global politics in the past 40 years – though his own part has been played very much behind the scenes – pulling the strings in a parallel universe, where the Russian president's buttocks have done a runner to Berlin, and only Revell (with his connections in high places) can save the day before LGBT rights are doomed forever. You had to be there. It makes a lot more sense in context!

This is a tight, fast-paced satirical hour packed with highbrow literary and film references, recurring characters from Radio 4's The Archers, and impressively vivid, silly ideas. But the layers beneath come together in the end to highlight the absurdity of the modern world, both on a global scale and closer to home.