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Following a sell-out run in New York, these Tall Women crowdfunded their way to Edinburgh Fringe - and I'm very glad they did. In their show, they do stuff. They dance. They sing. They tell stories. They change their clothes. They even do housework. But it's not about what they do; it's how they do it. They're relatable - the girls next door - but they're clever, open, witty, feminine, strong, sassy and very, very cool.

Tall Women in Clogs only graced this stage for a few nights, and it's a shame their run was so short. It's the kind of piece I'd tell my girlfriends to go and see, but moreover it's the kind of piece I'd tell everyone with daughters to take along to see. Because these women are kick-ass role models, and we need more of their kind.

It would appear they all live in New York, and the city's influence on the piece is very evident; there's an urban, street feel in places, and various nods to Broadway. It's effortlessly cool and laid-back, yet energetic and really random. There is little sense to the piece, which is made up of random segments of what I would describe as avant-garde entertainment, falling somewhere between a contemporary take on variety and sketches. It's clever, yet it's simple, creative, surprising, sweet and filled with laughs. 

It seems to me that there's a noticeable gender imbalance here at the Fringe; there's a shortage of all-female comedy troupes. So it's exciting to discover a group who are so talented both at devising and performing, and moreover, who are doing something so invigoratingly fresh. There were, it must be said, a couple of scenes which I felt lasted a little too long without really offering anything of particular interest – but with these cut down, and replaced with something equal in quality to the rest of the show, this could easily become a 5* piece.

To describe the details of the 'scenes' in Tall Women in Clogs would spoil the zany beauty of it – and, to be honest, it would sound a little banal described in words alone. But if you enjoy quirky, unusual, hilariously bemusing theatre and you get the chance to see this show at a future Fringe, then go and see these broads strut their stuff. You too might just find yourself walking that little bit taller.