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Adeline and Ben are a regular modern day couple; Starfish is the story of their journey through life, and the things that matter to them. In an hour-long production, this play seeks to examine the weaknesses in modern-day relationships, how some survive and others do not.

Relationships are complicated enough for all of us; and young people today are thrust a set of plates which they all must spin, every day, successfully. The demands of a job are high, as are expenses. Add to that the pressures of social media, oversharing and the lack of confidence that is bound to stem from all this. Starfish conveys a world where people are rushing into life choices, to keep up with growing societal expectations – job, relationship, moving in, wedding, baby.

Adeline’s life is hard and lonely, with Ben away at work a lot. Who does she turn to? And what does that mean for their relationship? Will a new arrival keep Ben and Addy in love still? Both Luna Rose and Vinesh Veerasami do a great job portraying the two individuals with their shared narrative.

But the actors are let down in part by a rather weak script. The storyline is too predictable. They meet at a party, he chats her up, she goes to his flat and they hook up. She gets bored with him, cheats, falls pregnant… you get the drift. There is potential for some more plot twists, something out of the ordinary, something the audience are not expecting.

Overall, this is not unmissable theatre, but you could do worse – and while Luna Rose Productions have not quite hit the jackpot this time, I am sure I will keep an eye out for other work in the future. You should too!